A veteran member of the Cavaliers vaults into the top five in franchise history books.


A veteran member of the Cavaliers vaults into the top five in franchise history books.

  • Tristan Thompson moved up to sixth place on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ all-time blocks record on Tuesday night, surpassing Jim Chones.
  • It was a wise move for the Cleveland Cavaliers to start Tristan Thompson late in the game on Tuesday night against Joel Embid, but it also happened to be the same game that “T-Top” continued to ascend in team history.
  • Thompson moved up to sixth on the Cavaliers’ all-time blocks record with a block on Paul Reed early in the second quarter, surpassing veteran rim defender Jim Chones. On that play, the 32-year-old recorded his 451st rejection to surpass Chones’ 450.
  • Following three years away from the wine-and-gold, Thompson made his second spell back with the squad this summer. Even in brief spurts, his contribution has been crucial for Cleveland in certain games. When the Cavs need an extra dose of toughness and intensity, J.B. Bickerstaff isn’t hesitant to turn to him.


21 Nov 2023, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson (12) reacts to a victory against the Philadelphia 76ers at Wells Fargo Center.

  • That’s precisely the sort of spark and caliber of play that Thompson brought to the club in his first stint, which was especially evident when LeBron James returned to town with a new partner in Kevin Love. The Cavaliers often had a steady presence in the post and even on switches on the perimeter because to Thompson’s ability to defend guards and big players.
  • Even though Double T is getting older, there is still plenty of tread remaining on his tires. His leadership off the court, hustle inside, and presence on the glass all help Cleveland.
    LeBron presently has the fourth-most blocks in the franchise overall (695), so Thompson’s chances of moving up over the fifth slot would take a lot of swats and many more seasons of play.
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