South Africa vs. Australia in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 semifinal

Australia vs South Africa - ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 semifinal
South Africa win the toss and bat

South Africa vs. Australia in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 semifinal

• In the second semifinal of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 at Eden Gardens Kolkata, South Africa has set Australia a goal of 213 runs to win.

• Following the toss, South Africa chose to bat first. Five-time champions Australia’s bowlers got off to a fantastic start, but rain caused a delay, and South Africa recovered, with David Miller hitting 101 off 116 balls.

• The game will restart on Friday’s reserve day if there are any further weather delays that prevent it from finishing.

• On Sunday, November 19, the winner will play the undefeated hosts, India.

  • In ten overs. New Zealand 74-2

Today, Head is fully committed to attacking. From the opening ball, he takes Rabada on and steps forward to smack a four to the long on the boundary.
The ball grazed Smith’s hip instead of his bat, yet there is a strong claim for caught behind off the fourth ball of the over.
After six balls, the Australian is still at zero.

  • Nine frames. Argentina 68-2

Following his first breakthrough in his previous over, Markram continues.
The audience roars as he is declared leg before wicket on his third delivery. Unmoved is the umpire.
Head doesn’t back down and sweeps the following ball over square for a six. An incredible shot from the first player.
For Australia, seven from the over.
eight rounds. 61-2 in Australia
The audience is ecstatic to see Smith.
Rabada ends an outstanding over with two dot balls.
Now for the match.

Hell no! What a fantastic capture by van der Dussen! 61-2 in Australia
Marsh goes out for a duck as Rabada bowls at a rapid tempo from the other end!
The Australian attempts a shot through the off side but is caught off guard by van der Dussen’s outstanding diving save at extra cover.
What a unique capture it was.
Overs of seven. Australia 60–1.
Australia’s next man in is Marsh. Even with Warner out of the game, the Australians are off to a fantastic start.

Markram is beginning to see some success there. Australia is restrained by a wicket maiden.

Hell no! Warner’s bowled over! Australia 60–1.
Markram is on the attack, and he bowls Warner first ball!
The South African spinner finds a little amount of variation with a straight ball. Warner misreads it, shattering his stumps in the process.
Proteas required that.

  • Five overs. Australia 6-0

After 5.1 overs, South Africa was up 8-1. 4-0 is Australia’s score. It’s remarkable that this is the same wicket.
Warner increases that total by hitting Rabada with a six-ball.
Additionally, that delivery was a no-ball, giving Australia a free hit that Warner takes for another six through the leg side. Australia has already attained fifty!
Head clubbs another six overs to end the over in fine fashion.
From the openers, this is unrelenting. South Africa seems to be lost.


  • Over five. 39 to 0. Australia

Head goes back to Jansen’s initial ball. Head delivers a more comprehensive delivery, slamming it over mid-on for four.
After two balls, Head continues to bat brilliantly. After driving through the earth, he discovers the rope once more.
With a six, Warner ends the over! Lofting the ball above square was an easy stroke to do.
So far, Australia is handling this hunt rather well.

  • Four rounds. Australia 24–0

Using his front foot to gather up the ball and hook it behind square, Warner smacks the first six of the innings off Rabada’s third delivery.
Australia’s chances of making it to the final on the win predictor are already 85%.
Head and Warner are off to a good start.
Third over. 5-0 Australia
In the third over, Warner assaults the opening ball and hits a boundary behind point.
Jansen frequently strays wide along the leg side, extending his over to nine balls.
Australia collect up seven from the over, including three runs for wide deliveries.

  • In two overs. Australia 10-0

Rabada opens from the opposite end for South Africa. Now in this World Cup, he has 12 wickets.
Warner has many issues as a result of his quick discovery of line and length, including a shorter ball that hits his hands.
Head then follows his luck, slipping past but not through the South African slip corden. The ball runs away for four at third man.
Five from the over for Australia.


  • One more in hand. Australia Five

Head wafts at one outside off stump, giving Jansen movement from his first ball.
After making contact with the next ball, the Australian lifts a drive over cover to create a boundary that requires just one bounce.
Jansen keeps things tight for the remainder of the over.
The participants come back.
Travis Head has moved to the center, as has David Warner.
The moment is almost here for the chase to start.
South Africa’s first bowler will be Marco Jansen.
Is the past repeating itself?
All squared away, it concluded in the semifinal of 1999. There was no way that it could occur again.

It’s pursuit time!

We are grateful to Kevin for helping us navigate this second semifinal in Kolkata through the first innings.
As Australia attempts to overtake 213 in order to secure a spot in the Cricket World Cup final, I, Adam Hancock, will be your companion.
Although it appears to be dry at Eden Gardens after some rain earlier today, we should be in for an interesting inning.
Miller considers the sum to be “defendable.”
The star batter for South Africa was David Miller.
His magnificent century will determine whether they make it to the final.
He said on the official ICC broadcast, “It’s really big if we come out on top here.”

“We want to win in the end, so reaching 100 points now is fantastic, but the game is not yet over.
“We fought hard at the end there and got a decent score.
“We knew it was going to be a bit slower and turn. We anticipated such types of situations.
“Four down early up in the first powerplay meant we were always on the back foot but we managed to salvage something and hopefully, we can get a couple of early wickets.
“If we can start well and put them under pressure and get that (required) run rate up as quickly as possible, then through the middle with our spinners, hopefully we can put them under serious pressure.
“It’s a manageable score, so it just comes down to bowling with plans, playing well, and making use of the surface conditions.”

  • South Africa post 212

Off Cummins, Rabada pulls a single into the leg side first ball.
After a slower ball, Shamsi hits a single.
Rabada and his attempted pull are duped by the slower-ball bouncer.
The following ball, he attempts to go big, but he pulls straight to long-on and Maxwell to end the innings.
With a third wicket for Cummins, South Africa will undoubtedly have far too few wickets to protect.
In the last two balls of their innings, all of the Proteas are out.

  • 49 sets. The 210-9 South African

Starc will start with two yorkers.
The first struck the leg stump and the inner edge.
The second was wide and dug out but only for a dot ball.
Then the short one and Rabada reacts with a hooked six.
Another yorker goes in but past leg stump.
A slower ball outside off delivers a dot ball and then a leg bye to finish.
One over to go.

  • 48 batsmen. The 203-9 South African

A memorable end.
A wicket, a wide, and a six to start.
To Shamsi came four dot balls.
Hell no! Miller has left! The 203-9 South African
After the six came a wide. Miller then made another attempt to go large.
This time, Cummins responds by picking out Head at midwicket.
Miller’s performance is excellent, but will it be sufficient for South Africa?
Miller’s centennial!
Miller reaches 101* from 115 balls with a six off Cummins over midwicket.
How wonderful to start anew at 48.

  • 47 sets. African Nations 196–8

In the middle, Rabada joins Miller and scores runs off his first three balls.
When Starc goes full on the final ball of the over, Miller blocks the single to maintain the strike, almost knocking him off his feet.
Hell no! It’s Maharaj out! Argentina 191–8
It’s important to see Starc vs. Miller.
Cummins completes this with the return of his strike bowler.
Maharaj enters the striking zone after a yorker first up delivers a leg bye.
The right-hander misses a drive and Smith catches him mid-off for eight.

  • 46 sets. South Africa 190-7

Miller pulls Cummins now and he’s into the 90s as the ball rockets away to the leg-side boundary.
A slower-ball bouncer from Cummins has Miller pulling again but just for a single.
South Africa need the left-hander on strike as often as possible.
In order to retain the strike, he pulls off another slower last ball of the over for a single.

  • 45 sets. Africa (182–7)

Zampa is continued, and new limits are set.
Miller takes a strong swipe at midwicket with the first ball, which is short.
The following ball, hit for two wide of long-off, is just a hair off.
After only two singles, the over is over.

  • 44 sets. African Republic 174–7

How had Coetzee missed that?
On its journey to Inglis, the ball impacted his forearm instead of his glove.
The new batter is Maharaj.
The over ends with two singles.
Hell no! No more Coetzee! Zimbabwe 172–7
A bouncer from Cummins is gloved through to the keeper.
Coetzee gets 19 out of 39.

  • 43 sets. The 171-6 South Africa

Now that Zampa is back, he aims for six once again.
Miller nails the wristspinner with a second ball above his head.
With only one more wicket conceded, Zampa has amassed 47 runs in his first six overs.

  • 42 innings. Africa (164-6).

Warner holds Miller’s chop to two off the opening ball as he glides on the cover boundary, defying aging once again.
Slower balls, such as a pace-off bouncer that confounds the left-hander, are some of Cummins’ tricks.
Although South Africa benefits with a wide, Cummins continues to use his cunning and gives up only four runs in an over overall.

  • 41 sets. The South African 160-6

Australia begins Powerplay Three with a head start, which is a true sign of what the surface may give the bowlers.
Can South Africa score eighty or ninety runs with Powerplay Three?
Should they do so, perhaps they will enter with a loud cry.
Head concedes just three singles off the over though. In five overs, he has amassed 2-21.

  • 40 innings. South Africa 156-6

End of Powerplay: For the balance of the inning, five fielders in total may now retreat to the boundary.
Maxwell returns to his more thrifty ways with only two singles off the over.

  • 39 sets. Africa (154-6)

Coetzee crushes a cover drive for four as Starc recovers.
Any hitter in this game would have been proud of that.
After that, Starc tenses up and gives up just one.

  • 38 overs. South Africa 149-6

Maxwell goes for back-to-back boundaries having surrendered four at the conclusion of the previous over.
Miller dragged the opening ball across the line for four to start the new over.
After Coetzee drops a single backward of point, there are four more singles, then a fifth, but Miller almost runs out on the final ball as he dives to get in.

  • 37 sets. South Africa 141-6

Head takes over the role as the tight and economical spinner.
Just two singles off his fourth over.
There’s a lot of purchase out there for the spinners.
Should they bring in their tweakers early in the chase, will that be South Africa’s only hope?

  • 36 overs. South Africa 139-6

A rare bad delivery from Maxwell as he drops short last ball of another economical over and Miller doesn’t miss out.
The left-hander pulls hard for four.
Maxwell fumes at himself.
Five off the over.

  • 35 overs. South Africa 134-6

Head concedes his first boundary since the two that he went for off his first two deliveries.
It’s overpitched and outside off, and driven hard by Coetzee for four.
Another gripper by the off-spinner before the over is finished as he rips one past the edge of Miller’s bat.

  • 34 overs. South Africa 129-6

Maxwell completes his seventh over with only two further runs conceded.
He is not exceeding three per over.
If nothing else, South Africa managed to avoid a wicket during the drinks break.

  • 33 innings. African nation 127-6

Head activates it.
He moves past Coetzee’s edge and ends the over with just two runs lost.
After a few drinks, Australia is back on top.

  • 32 sets. African nation 125-6

A stumping review is survived by Millers as Maxwell turns one beyond the edge.
Genuine hold and twist for the pitcher – perhaps something for Maharaj thereafter.
The following ball is returned by the left-hander with a cut for four, taking his career total from 70 balls to fifty.
his first 50 minutes of this World Cup.
Hell no! No more Jansen! African nation 119-6
Two in the over for Head.
Marco Jansen backs up to his first ball and gets trapped LBW.
Gerald Coetzee survives the hat-trick ball.
End of the 31st.
Hell no! Klaasen leaves! African nation 119-5
Beginning the over with two fours, Klaasen poses a danger to Miller by trying to reach fifty first.

In his first over, Head blocks the fourth ball that the spinner has a chance to slip through and bowls the right-hander for 47 while he tries to keep going.
thirty seconds. South Africa 111-4
Three singles off Maxwell’s fifth over.
He’s only surrendered 12 runs in total.
The allrounder is keeping Australia cool despite runs beginning to flow at the other end.

  • 29 overs. South Africa 108-4

Klaasen pushes a single but runs, head first, into the bowler with the pair ball watching.
A brief glance from the physio and on we go.
Zampa gives away a dolly of a full delivery that Miller dismisses over midwicket for six, suggesting that his shoulder was injured.
28 overs. South Africa 100-4
Miller cuts hard for two off Maxwell’s opening ball before a smart nudge for one following ball.
Five off the over as South Africa start to find some rhythm.

  • 27 overs. South Africa 95-4
    After two overs, Klaasen begins to follow Miller’s example.
    Heaves Zampa over a broad long on for six, rocking back and forth.
    The following ball, he smacks it for six even more over midwicket.
    The match has begun.
    14 out of the exceed.
  • 26 sets. 9-1 South Africa

With only two runs given up off the first ball of the over, Cummins is able to regain some control.
Now worth 57 instead of 68, the alliance still has a lot of work ahead of it.

  • 25 sets. The 79-4 South African

Maxwell keeps it tight even now.
Two singles off the whole over.
South Africa is not even close to having a half-decent total on the board as the innings reaches its halfway point.

  • 24 sets. African nation 77-4

A cut is produced by Klaasen after a short and wide play from Cummins and the fifty partnership.
It will feel like a major release for the right-hander, who has been stuck for a long.
In the last ball of the over, Klaasen times the hook but hits the ball all the way to deep square for a single.

  • 23 sets. Seven1-4 South Africa

After his second over’s first ball, Maxwell yells an appeal.
The ball struck pad first, after an attempted forward push, but it struck beyond the line because the spinner was around the wicket to the left-handed Miller.
Two runs in total off Maxwell’s first two overs, and only one off the over.
For this innings, 157 is the current projected total. Right now, the score predictor aims for 222.


  • 21 sets. Cape Verde 70-4

When Cummins falters, Klaasen lets loose his first angry blow since the restart.
Though the ball settles safely short of deep midwicket, he is unable to seize the attempted pull.
Only one taken, and then one more to come before the over is complete.

  • 20 sets. Argentina 67-4

Cummins launches his second over into the attack.
By the time the over is over, Miller has a clip for four through midwicket, and the crowd starts to take notice.
Five points over and South Africa will remain content as long as they continue to discover limits.
Hazlewood’s chains have undoubtedly been broken.

  • 19 sets. Six2-4 South Africa

Miller chases after Zampa once again.
Although Hazlewood seems to be in complete control at the other end, the spinner is dismissed for the second six of the innings.
Miller pulls this one closer to cow corner, but it’s still a fantastic hit.
Well-calculated risks by one of the two 2015 semifinal veterans.
For the record, the other is Quinton de Kock.

  • 18 overs. South Africa 55-4

Two straight maidens for Hazlewood since the restart.
Miller attempted to reach the leg-side with a couple of nudges but to no effect.
With four wickets down, South Africa do, to some degree, have time on their side if they are adopting a sensible approach to establishing some type of defendable goal.

  • 17 sets. South Africa 55-4

The fifty for South Africa is reached in the first six of the innings.
Zampa is launched over long-on by Miller.
Otherwise, three singles are dropped off the spinner.


  • 16 sets. 7–6 South Africa

Hazlewood’s maiden over.
It’s obvious that these two will lay the foundation gradually.
Klaasen was thrilled simply to feel bat on ball and push all six back for now.

  • 15 overs. 7–6 South Africa

So spin enters the assault and South Africa take two singles off Zampa’s opening over.
This isn’t irrevocable for the Proteas, as New Zealand’s third-wicket partnership, almost demonstrated against India in Mumbai.
It is going to take something very, very extraordinary from here however.
Play continues in Kolkata
Australia send the ball to Adam Zampa and here we go again.
Will the vacation have stabilized South African minds at all?
We have a restart time at Eden Gardens
The umpires have called a restart in Kolkata.

If there is no additional rain, play will resume at 3.25pm local time (10.25 GMT).
Could rain finally be South Africa’s salvation
South Africa seemed to be on their way to the final in 1992 until the rain hit.

The then captain, Hansie Cronje, cut a sad figure on the balcony when the heavens opened with his team in such a strong position.
The Proteas were 231-6 after 42.5 overs chasing 253 to overcome England.
After 12 minutes of rain, the number of overs was lowered to 43, however the goal was cut by just one run.
With 21 needed off one delivery, the match ended in face and England proceeded to the final, where they lost to Pakistan.

What if it doesn’t stop raining?
There is a reserve day on Friday should the weather persist for the remainder of the day.
A minimum of 20 overs is needed to constitute a match if the players are able to go out there in between rains.

Then it would be transferred to the DLS approach to pick it all apart.
Should the rain persist for the rest of the following two days – and the outlook for Friday is terrible – then it will be South Africa that advance.
The Proteas would win because they have a higher net run rate overall throughout the competition.
Although South Africa did win the group-stage match, that would still be tough on Australia going on.
Drizzle goes on

It is more than a light rain and although the umpires are out on the ground, there is no sign they are intending to call the players back.
Some signs in the stadiums imply the local supporters desire an India-South Africa final. Up until now, Australia has expressed a lot of opinions on it.
As we wait
Play is halted by rain.
A rain delay gives the people of South Africa a much-needed break. The Gardens have the covers on.
Except for a few areas, the majority of the field is still unaltered despite the quick work of the ground crew to cover the pitch.

14 sets. South Africa 44–4.

After bowling his maiden stint with the amazing score of 12-2 in six overs, Hazlewood is finally replaced by Australia skipper Pat Cummins.
For once, South Africa has a boundary as Klaasen drives through the foliage and eludes every Australian fielder.
Miller is next to reach his first boundary, pushing at a ball that seems to have stopped on him. The mid-on fielder is almost hit by him, but he slips, and the ball takes off.
Hayden retracts his pitch report totals, saying, “Not a 300 wicket.”


13 sets. (3) South Africa 32-4
Former teammate Watson said on commentary, “When Mitchell Starc is bowling like that, it seems like he’s going to get a wicket with every ball.”
Starc, who is now in his eighth over, is bowling to Miller with even greater speed and accuracy.
Though not enough to halt play, Atherton notes that there is a little rain in the air. The clouds appear fairly gloomy, making the circumstances very tough to bat under.
Hell no! Escape, Van der Dussen! 12 reps. The 28-4 South African
They don’t want to get out of the attack, these Australian bowlers.
Hazlewood seems to desire one more of his own now that he’s seen Starc get a second. And he’s got it!
He continues coming over the batsmen and van der Dussen edges to Steve Smith at second slip! He had a similar edge go by Smith on the previous ball but this one goes straight to the former Australia captain.
Right now, Australia is soaring high on this one.
David Miller takes the bat sooner than he would have preferred or thought. Knicks one instantly, but it eludes the slip fielders in between for a fortunate four.
Everything takes place outside.
Hell no! Markram is gone! 11 sets. Nigeria 22–3.
Starc will continue and deliver his sixth over. His first boundary comes when he bowls beyond the leg-stump line and Markram punches it past midwicket.
South Africa has enough of batting to help them recover if these two stick together for a long and withstand this early Australian storm.
Starc is wide and rather full, and Markram tries all out for a delicious drive only to run into Labuschagne once again.
He moves on one more! However, he manages to get a heavy outside edge this time, and Warner makes a great jump to his left to make the grab. Though he had to go, Markram was starting to look excellent.
There is serious problems in South Africa.
Heinrich Klaasen steps out in an attempt to correct this South African vessel.
Ten minutes. 6-2 in South Africa
Hazlewood will go on, maybe in search of a last wicket before resting. The big pacer continues to try to force Markram to play, producing more dots. In addition, he moves a little bit while the ball continues to enter Markram.
Off the over, a single.
Ponting believes that because of the moving surface, Australia will resort to their premier spinner, Adam Zampa, sooner than normal.
Nine frames. South Africa 2–17
Starc’s fifth over carries over his outstanding run. Once again, he delivers a dot delivery at first, but for a rare extra, he strays wide down the leg side.
More Australian fielding skill, this time from Marnus Labuschagne, to prevent a boundary from entering the circle.
With a sweep of his legs, Markram strikes again, eventually scoring South Africa’s maiden boundary. They needed only 52 balls to reach that point, demonstrating Australia’s current prowess both in the field and with the ball.
eight rounds. 2-0 for South Africa
As he starts his commentary role, Ricky Ponting reiterates the same criticism on Australia’s brutality in World Cup elimination matches.
Considering how well his team played in the first half of the match on the pitch, he seems rather upbeat.
“Australian bowlers haven’t really missed much today,” Shane Watson adds.
With a single, Markram temporarily distances himself from the bowling danger, but van der Dussen is in for further trouble. Still, he lives.
Overs of seven. Argentina 8-2
In the middle, more hit-or-miss activity. Van der Dussen is the one embarrassing himself this time by attempting to prod at deliveries that are going away.
Warner jumps in when he does make a move in the covers.
One more flimsy cry for those who are trapped behind. One virgin.
Hell no! De Kock is out! Five overs. Argentina 8-2
The Proteas have broken under the strain, which has been effective!
Before choosing to take a stab at the fourth dot ball from Hazlewood, De Kock plays three of them. With the ball launched into the gloomy Kolkata sky, Cummins sprints back from mid-on, keeping his eyes fixed on the ball and never letting go of it until he completes a diving catch.
QDK can’t believe what he’s been pushed into, and he roars with joy.
“Australia lighting up this gloomy evening at Eden Gardens!” exclaims Ian Bishop, providing commentary.“
Playing two dots, Aiden Markram approaches the music.

Over five. (8) South Africa 1
Van der Dussen feels compelled to play both a ball that goes slightly away and one that comes into him. In an attempt to withstand this early burst of exceptional rapid bowling, both strokes are non-scoring.
He chooses to attempt a scoring shot by stepping outside off stump, but David Warner intercepts the ball as it comes close to him and saves the boundary. Once again, the batter reaches Warner.
It takes him a few moments to ultimately discover a space through the in-field.
The Australians are in full force to knock out teams in the World Cup. Aw shucks.
Four rounds. 6-0 for South Africa
For the tall Australian pacers, this pitch offers lots of bounce in addition to movement. Particularly for Hazlewood, who has been successful in getting the ball to lift after he pitches.


When he locates one, De Kock will take a single, which he does on the third ball. Neither hitter shown any evidence of power hitting. They’ll gladly play defense in a manner akin to a test match till things calm down.
Hazlewood rises in an attempt to overturn van der Dussen’s outside edge with a clean hit. The umpire shows little interest, and Australia doesn’t look into the ruling.
Third over. 1-0 for South Africa
The ball crosses de Kock thanks to Starc’s return.
Australia may have benefited from losing the toss since they will get to bowl first on this surface, which offers enough of movement for their fast bowlers.

Ian Bishop notes, “It has been raining in Kolkata for a long time, so this pitch has been under the covers.”
With some movement, Starc has been bowling at 140 kmph (87 mph).
The only runs off another excellent over are a wide and a leg-bye.
In two overs. Argentina 2-1
With the new ball, Josh Hazlewood and Starc achieve almost the same outcome as their bowling partner.
He gives de Kock a bowl, causing the ball to lift and depart from the South African.
The next guy in, Rassie van der Dussen, has to deal with a combination of Hazlewood’s flawless line-and-length deliveries.
Merely one more from this as well.

Hell no! Exit Bavuma! One more in hand. 1-0 for South Africa
Australia’s first game will be against the very skilled de Kock, led by Mitchell Starc.
For the left-arm pacer, there are two slips and a typical off-side field. He gets off to a pair of consecutive blows, but a single off the second ball allows South Africa to score their first run.
Umpire Nitin Menon is unwilling to declare Starc’s wide after he crosses Bavuma.
He has them, too!
Once again, he crosses Bavuma, and the Proteas skipper pushes at the ball, making it simple for Josh Inglis to catch behind the stumps!
A strong start for the Australians but no huge runs for Bavuma.
Pitch report: Spin will have an impact
Former Australia hitter Matthew Hayden believes that South Africa is right to bring in spinner Shamsi in addition to opting to bat first.
In his pitch report, he said, “This pitch will turn today because it has the highest average turn throughout the tournament.”
He then applies salt to Proteas’s wounds, however. “In order to advance through this semifinal and compete in their first final, South Africa needs to get plenty.”
He holds captain Bavuma accountable for making “big runs” in this game.
As soon as the first batter, a certain Quinton de Kock, steps to the middle, we’ll find out.
Back in Australia are Maxwell and Starc.
Since their last group-stage meeting, both teams have changed.
Glenn Maxwell and Mitchell Starc return to Australia after a well-earned sabbatical.
Marcus Stoinis and Sean Abbott are replaced by them.
Australian XI: Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Starc, Travis Head, Josh Inglis (wk), Steve Smith, Marnus Labuschagne, Josh Inglis, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlewood, Pat Cummins (captain),
“People back home’s hopes and aspirations” are carried by South Africa.
The unfit Bavuma claims his squad is motivated by the “hopes and aspirations of people back home” going into the game.
The world-champion rugby team from South Africa, the Springboks, he said, inspired the Proteas with “a heartfelt message.”
“To win today, we will need to maintain our procedures and language unchanged.”


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