Jada Pinkett Smith claims that she and Will Smith parted ways in 2016.

Jada Pinkett Smith claims
at the 2022 Oscars with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.Credit...nytimes.com
  • The talk show host and actress said in an NBC News interview that they were living apart but that they were still married.
  •  Now that the truth has been established concerning one of Hollywood’s most well-known couples: Will Smith and the actress Jada Pinkett Smith have been living apart but not legally divorcing one other for approximately seven years, according to the actress.
  • A preview of Pinkett Smith’s interview with NBC News, who is also a talk-show presenter, was broadcast on Wednesday. She revealed the information in the interview. The interview is a component of Pinkett Smith’s current media tour in support of the release of her new memoir, “Worthy.”
  • Smith and Pinkett Smith made the decision to live separate lives in 2016 according to Pinkett Smith, who spoke with Hoda Kotb from Baltimore during the interview, which will be televised in its entirety as a Friday night primetime special. One of the intimate details revealed in the memoir, which will be published on October 17, is the specifics.
  • Regarding her relationship with Smith, an Academy Award-winning actor, Pinkett Smith remarked, “Why it fractured — that’s a lot of things.” “I think that by the time we reached 2016, we were just worn out from trying,”
  • She continued, “We were both kind of just still trapped in our fantasy of what we believed the other person should be.
  • The couple wed in 1997 and went on to establish one of the most enduring and well-known celebrity families. Jaden Smith and Willow Smith, their two children, are both performers in the entertainment industry.
  • The couple’s nearly 26-year marriage has long been the subject of rumors, but they have also been transparent about their difficulties. In a Facebook post from 2013, Pinkett Smith shot down rumors that the pair had an open relationship, calling theirs as “grown” rather than “open.”
  •  In a later, viral 2020 episode of Pinkett Smith’s talk show Red Table Talk, the couple opened up more candidly about their marriage. At that time, Pinkett Smith disclosed that the pair had temporarily split up and that she had started a “entanglement” with singer August Alsina. Smith and Pinkett Smith had a conversation in which Pinkett Smith claimed, “You and I were going through a very difficult time.”
  • Smith answered, “I was done with you,” adding that they had decided to part ways. “I really thought we might be done,”
  • It now seems that the separation was more permanent than the couple initially claimed.
  • even though over the years they have repeated their commitment to one another as partners. The actress claimed she kept their relationship a secret from the public because they were still “getting ready” as a couple. “How can we explain that to people? And that wasn’t something we had worked out,” she continued.
  • When Smith smacked comedian Chris Rock onstage during the Academy Awards broadcast in 2022 after he made a joke about Pinkett Smith’s haircut, their relationship came under more media scrutiny. Smith was prohibited from attending the Oscars for ten years as a result of the shocking incident, which shocked viewers and generated so much discussion that it became known simply as The Slap.
  • Although they have been apart since 2016, the couple has not yet requested a divorce. “I swore there would never be a justification for us to get divorced. In NBC interview teasers, Pinkett stated, “We will work through everything. Simply said, “I just haven’t been able to break that promise.”
  •  Divorce is frequently challenging when a marriage ends. There are, however, still techniques to make the shift easier and develop the ability to accept your changing reality.

 Divorce is frequently difficult when a marriage ends.

There are still ways to make the transition easier and learn to accept your shifting reality, though.
  1. Experts believe there are various ways to support those hit by the shock and anguish of a separation, from large gestures to tiny deeds of kindness.
  2. The end of a relationship can be a chance to reclaim control over your life.
  3. Children may struggle to adjust when parents part ways. With these pointers, they can make the shift easier.
  4. Retirement funds and savings are frequently decreased for women who have gone through a divorce. Careful planning is required when reconstructing.
  5. Do you share a house after a divorce? For the sake of their children and their money, some divorced spouses are finding that living together is the path to a true connection.



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