Visiting Cozy Wexford County Pubs

Visiting Cozy Wexford County Pubs
Cozy Wexford
Visiting Cozy Wexford County Pubs
Cozy Wexford

Particularly during Christmas, Wexford County is renowned for having a kind and inviting ambiance. Visiting any of the superb pubs around the county is one of the finest ways to take advantage of this hospitality. After a hard day, these welcoming places provide the ideal setting for relaxing and sipping on a pint, whether you’re in the city or the countryside.

One such example is the tavern Roche’s in Duncannon. From fishermen to attorneys, a broad clientele is drawn to this tavern because of its old-world charm and amazing beer choices. After taking a walk along the beach, you may take advantage of live music and a relaxed environment.

French’s Pub, located on Main Street in Gorey, has been there since 1775 and is a must-see location. This bar, which is well-known for its guinness and warm atmosphere, is made even more memorable during the Christmas season when guests and locals mix and elevate the festive atmosphere.

Stamps Pub is a must-visit if you happen to be in Enniscorthy. This laid-back bar, which is close to Market Square, is a great spot to unwind, whether you’re enjoying a cool pint or watching a sport.

Visit The Sky and the Ground in Wexford Town for a hint of class and elegance. This place has a great cocktail bar upstairs that’s ideal for a romantic evening. Explore the maze-like bar below, where you can also savor an extensive beer variety and classic music.

Foley’s Pub, a hidden treasure in Newbawn, mixes sophistication with coziness. This pub is the perfect location to unwind while enjoying fine wine, Guinness, and delectable cuisine. It has a blazing fire, a terrific ambiance, and helpful staff. Smokers will also appreciate the excellent beer garden.

There are also several distinctive attractions in Wexford County. A charming and lively atmosphere can be found at Corcoran’s in New Ross, which has a beer garden with vines. Foodies enjoy Mary Barry’s in Kilmore because of its delicious seafood meals and sweets.

For a straightforward and welcoming experience, if you’re ever in North Wexford, don’t miss visiting The Orphan Girl in Ballymoney. Another great place to have food and beverages and unwind after a strenuous walk is The Strand in Cahore, which is situated adjacent to the beach.

Aside from these well-known taverns, Wexford County boasts a number of other hidden treasures that are well worth discovering. These include the unique atmosphere of The Green Door in New Ross, the Theatre Tavern in New Ross, the T Morris pub in Wexford, The Crown in Wexford for a romantic date night, the laid-back atmosphere of Paddy Blues in Gorey, and Rackard’s of Killanne.

You can always count on a kind greeting, enjoyable company, and a homey environment in Wexford County, no matter where you decide to visit. Take a seat in these quaint pubs and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere while wearing your coat, hat, scarf, and gloves.


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