A Navy veteran who died in September after receiving a heart transplant from a pig

Navy veteran Lawrence Faucette
After living for six weeks with a pig heart transplant, the second-ever recipient of the experimental organ donation has died.

September 2023, Lawrence Faucette

  • The second ever recipient of the experimental organ donation passed away after receiving a pig heart transplant and survived for six weeks.
  • When he had the procedure on September 20, Lawrence Faucette, 58, a Frederick, “Maryland” resident and former Navy member, had deadly cardiac condition. He died on October 30.

  • ‘Lawrence Faucette, a former Navy veteran, became the second person in history to have a heart transplant from a pig when facing almost certain death.

  • ‘Bartley Griffith’, who performed the surgical transplant of the pig heart at the University of ‘Maryland Medical Center’, released a statement saying, “We mourn the loss of Mr. Faucette, a remarkable patient, scientist, Navy veteran, and family man who just wanted a little more time to spend with his loving wife, sons, and family.”
  • Faucette’s surgery allowed him to live longer than he would have once it was found that he was not a candidate for a conventional heart transplant. Just 48 hours after the transplant, Faucette was joking around with the physicians, according to a previous Associated Press story.
    The medical personnel stated that his ultimate goal was to serve as a model for patients worldwide who require similar treatments.
    “Mr. Faucette’s final request was that we use all of the knowledge we have gained from this experience to ensure that others have the opportunity to receive a new heart in the event that a human transplant is not available. Then he declared his love for all of the medical staff and nurses gathered around him. He will be sorely missed.


  • ‘Lawrence Faucette’, a veteran of the Navy, went away six weeks after receiving a pig heart transplant. Faucette, 58, was the second person in history to undergo a heart transplant from a pig, since she suffered from a deadly form of ‘heart disease’. He was able to spend more time with his friends and family after the treatment. Faucette’s ultimate wishes were to share his story with others and to serve as a role model for others around the world in need of similar treatments.