Reports of a kidnapping have left Liverpool’s Luis Díaz’s father missing in Colombia.

kidnapping have left Liverpool's Luis Díaz's father missing in Colombia
Luis Díaz of Liverpool's father is still missing following accusations of a kidnapping in Colombia. Image courtesy of Getty Images and Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC
  • The president of Colombia says the father is still missing but the mother has been recovered.
  • Díaz is not included in Liverpool’s squad to play Nottingham Forest.
  • A “continuing situation” concerning Luis Díaz’s family has been acknowledged by Liverpool in the wake of rumors that the forward’s parents were abducted in Colombia. Since then, it has been established that his father is still missing but that his mother was saved.
  • Díaz was later left out of Liverpool’s Sunday squad to play Nottingham Forest. Jürgen Klopp stated prior to the match at Anfield, “We obviously had to make a late change because of the private situation involving Luis Díaz.” It was a very difficult night, and we are all concerned about the situation. That is a brand-new experience that I never required, and I have never had it before.
  • Liverpool had earlier acknowledged that it was “aware of an ongoing situation involving the family of Luis Díaz in Colombia” in a club statement. “We sincerely hope that the matter is resolved safely and as soon as possible,” the statement continued. The player’s well-being will remain our top priority in the interim.
  • “Luis Díaz’s mother has been rescued in an operation in Barrancas; we continue the search for the father,” declared Colombia’s president, Gustavo Petro.
  • In a statement, the nation’s football association expressed regret for the kidnapping and encouraged authorities to act swiftly to free Díaz’s father. “The security situation that our player Luis Díaz’s parents are going through is rejected by the Colombian Football Federation,” the statement read. “We at the FCF stand in solidarity with him and his entire family and demand that the appropriate authorities take prompt action to put an end to this situation.”
  • In January 2022, Liverpool bought Díaz from Porto for a possible transfer fee of up to €60 million (£49.9 million) with add-ons. With 11 games played so far this season, the 26-year-old winger has three goals.
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