The first “GTA 5” trailer revealed several hidden secrets before the “GTA 6” trailer.


It takes a specific kind of force to make your trailer launch one of the biggest moments in the video game business in 2023, especially in a year full of amazing releases. That being said, Grand Theft Auto 6 has a new teaser that will debut on Tuesday, December 5 at 9 AM ET.

Since there will be many, many more trailers to follow, everyone is curious as to what exactly will be shown in this one. To refresh my memory, I looked back over the renowned GTA 5 debut trailer to see what it included and excluded. A bit less than two years before GTA 5 itself was published in September 2013, this was launched in November of 2011. However, it would be a completely different timeline and would indicate a longer wait because most people are anticipating that GTA 6 will come out by the end of 2024, a year after this first clip was released. The majority of the teaser above showcased Los Santos, but we would also learn about the whole of San Andreas—first its unspoiled beauty, then a decline into chaos and crime as Michael’s narrative shifts from his aspirations and goals centered around his family to the truth of his criminal nature. Even yet, we didn’t really comprehend all of that until after the event. Furthermore, no references are made to GTA Online or the future development of that part of the game. Michael appears for a short while, but Trevor and Franklin are not visible at all—unless my eyes were playing tricks on me. (Update: There’s a single, fleeting glimpse of Franklin, but you wouldn’t know it.) Though the video did not explicitly state it, I think it was announced a few days before that it would include three protagonists. Additionally, it doesn’t appear probable that there will be a “pre-brief” with information before to Tuesday’s appointment this time. The extensive leaks for Grand Theft Auto 6 have already accomplished that. These leaks have disclosed Vice City, the game’s location, which is also showcased in the teaser image for the trailer’s palm trees. However, the most significant revelation is the game’s dual lead feature, which centers on Lucia and Jason, an apparent couple who are intended to be a criminal couple akin to Bonnie and Clyde. Once again, the GTA 5 trailer served more as an introduction to the theme and city, and to be honest, it still looks very good considering it was released 13 years ago and debuted on platforms that are two generations old. Though I doubt the GTA 6 teaser will be an exact replica of this, with Vice City in place of Vinewood, I do anticipate it won’t give away too many details. Something else lacking from the original GTA 5 spot? The date of release. maybe a window for release. We have outlined our roadmap from this spring through next spring based on Take Two’s disclosure to investors that they should see a significant increase in revenue in the next Fiscal Year. Holiday 2024 is most likely the aim, but 2025 is definitely not out of the question. In any case, I’m not sure whether this trailer will reveal a window or not. With 92 million views so far, the trailer is fantastic. Given the growth of gaming over the last ten years and the transformation of Grand Theft Auto from a popular series to the largest production ever seen in the industry, this new video is probably going to blow the previous one out of the water, whatever it is. The trailer’s teaser from yesterday has received 1.4 million likes and 124 million impressions. It is only one picture. Published by : Reshraman


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