Does Adele and Rich Paul have a marriage? Singer makes a crucial indication.

Does Adele and Rich Paul have a marriage? Singer makes a crucial indication.
Adele has declared her intention to wed Rich Paul. Give credit to: IT

During a Los Angeles stand-up performance, English singer-songwriter Adele seemed to announce her marriage to American sports agent Rich Paul. The announcement comes after some conjecture over the couple’s romantic state.

Briefly said, this event occurred during Alan Carr’s program. Adele announced her marriage to Rich Paul at a stand-up gig in Los Angeles.In July 2021, the pair announced their romance to the world.

Renowned English singer-songwriter Adele, 35, seems to have announced her union with American sports agent Rich Paul, 41, who represents basketball player “LeBron James” among other high-profile clients. The revelation was made at a Los Angeles stand-up performance that Adele’s friend, comedian Alan Carr, was hosting.


Adel seems to have made it official that she and Rich Paul are a couple. This occurred at a stand-up show hosted by Adele’s friend Alan Carr. Adele allegedly yelled, “I did,” confirming that she and Paul had tied the wedding, when Carr asked the crowd whether anybody had just been married.

After Adele referred to Paul as her “husband” at a number of occasions, there was a period of conjecture and speculations over the couple’s marital status. Many people in the crowd at Carr’s concert confirmed the news, even though Adele hasn’t released an official statement.

In an October 2023 CBS Mornings interview with “Gayle King,” Rich Paul—who has three children from a previous relationship—had previously been coy when questioned about marriage rumors. He would not confirm Adele’s marital status, but he did say that he and Adele “definitely helped each other” and that their relationship was in a good place.



After going public with their romance for the first time in July 2021, the pair has been seen together at a number of public gatherings. Adele has been vocal about her love for Paul, describing their relationship as the easiest she has ever been in and stating that she hopes to have more kids in the future.

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SOURCEDoes Adele and Rich Paul have a marriage? Singer makes a crucial indication
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